7 Interesting Facts about Roses

Rose gardening enthusiasts will always want to know everything about roses. Rose is indeed one of the most popular flower around the world, yet it’s history remains a mystery for some. Here are the Interesting facts about roses that you will definitely love.

1. Rose Colors have different representations:

 – Red roses are a representation of love and passion. That’s why during Valentine’s Day, the florists will always prepare the red roses for the event.

 – Yellow roses are symbol of friendship, as well as freedom. It is also known as the gifts for  newly wed couples and mothers.

 – Pink roses are a symbol of gentleness, gratitude, as well as grace.

–  Dark pink roses is indicative also to saying “thank you” to someone.

–  White Rose is a symbol of purity, innocence as well as sincerity. It is also an ideal rose to say “I miss you” to someone.

–  Orange rose also means enthusiasm and eagerness.

2. Aphrodite was said to be the first who named the flower rose as “ROSE”.

3. Josephine, Napoleon’s wife is said to be fond of roses so much that she grew over 250 varieties of roses.

4. According to the Legend in Scotland, if a white rose blooms during early autumn, then it is a sign of an early marriage.

5. They say that throwing the leaves of a rose in an open flame will bring you fortune in your life.

6. Rose fragrances is so expensive. This is because, it will take about 60,000 roses before you can produce about 1 ounce of rose oil.

7. Confucius has over 600 books for rose gardening training like how to grow and care for them.

Knowing everything about roses may not happen overnight and these trivia and facts about roses may not be new to you at all. But, as you go on your rose gardening hobby, you will discover wonderful things about your roses, which adds to your experience in growing them.

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