Basic Instructions on Trimming Roses

Trimming roses, also known as “pruning roses” should be done regularly (annually) to make sure your roses grow healthy and produce big and fragrant flowers. Failure to do trimming will result to in irreversible damage, especially if your rose plant is very susceptible to diseases and pests. Trimming is very essential, so you should know what the basic steps to take in pruning are.

  1. Trim Roses while they are dormant – After being frozen, roses are still not yet actively growing. This is the perfect time for trimming roses since they won’t be stressed, causing the plant to weaken.
  2. Clear Away the Debris – dead leaves, grasses and other debris may harbor diseases and pests.
  3. Cutaway the dead, old cane – You will already recognize that it’s the old or diseased cane by noticing its color. Brown canes are old, while green colored canes are the healthy ones. In addition, cutting away the thin canes that rub together (creating friction) will be extremely helpful.
  4. Cut above the bud – it is important to cut just above the rose plant’s bud because cutting too close, like on the bud, will cause the bud to get damaged and cutting it too far from the bad may cause the plant to die from diseases.
  5. As a finishing, cover the cut part with special paint. This paint is used to cover the exposed core part of the rose stem to prevent it from acquiring diseases. This is very important since the newly pruned rose plant cannot defend itself effectively.

Trimming roses is an important part of maintaining your plant effectively and make it produce more flowers. Learn these basic instructions by heart and you will be able to grow your roses successfully.

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