Basic Tips in Growing Roses in Containers

Are you thinking about growing roses in containers? It’s pretty simple actually but you need to consider the basic things that you need to do in order to grow container roses successfully. Here are the 3 factors you need to consider in growing container roses.

1. The size of your container 

Remember that the amount of soil (which means it also includes nutrients and moisture) depends largely on the size of your container. Ideally, it should be more than 15 inches diameter. In growing season, your roses need enough moisture and nutrients and if your container is too small to hold these basic necessities for them to grow, you might not be able to grow container roses successfully.

2. Pick the Right Type of Roses 

Back off hybrid tea and climbing roses! You are not included in the list, especially if you are living in a cold climate. If you are going to choose what rose plant you want to grow in a container, remember to pick the right type. Roses like Old Garden Rose, Grace, and Anne Boleyn are great choices for container roses. As an alternative, you can even use miniature roses, floribundas and polyanthus for your container rose planting.

3. Mix the soil the right way 

You shouldn’t just put the soil in the container. There are several things that you need to do before mixing and placing the soil in your container. In most container roses, the bottom level of the container must contain about 1 inch deep of pebbles. This is to ensure that you have proper drainage and it avoids the soil from getting too compressed at the bottom. Next top the first level (pebbles) with the soil mix and while dong this press the soil down, then top it again until it is 2/3 the container’s size. Remember that the union bud must be completely covered with the soil.

Now, you’re ready! Planting roses in containers can be easy right? As you grow them successfully, remember that you must water the container roses frequently since they dry out easily. Happy rose planting!

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