Best Places Where to Plant Roses

Most of us love roses, but many will give up planting one—asking why? Many people attempts to plant roses but never get successful and they failed to realize that planting roses can be a bit tricky, but if you know the basic needs of the roses and what environment they really love, then it’s definitely a “no-brainer”.
Where are the best places to grow roses?

where to plant roses

1. Loamy Soil – Roses’ have set their standard when it comes to where they should let their roots grow. The loamy soil is very excellent type of soil since it drains well, but holds moisture at the same time. Clay-like soil cannot drain well, and sandy soil drains fast enough that it dehydrates the plants.

2. Sunny Area – Most of the rose types loves the sun so much that it needs about 6 hours of sunlight exposure per day. Remember also that roses prefer the morning sun, so you have to plant them somewhere in the east part of your backyard. On a side note, if you are living in hot summer locations, remember to give your roses a shelter too, since too much sun exposure will snatch out the moisture your roses have.

3. Don’t plant in windy areas – Roses’ may have a constant battle with strong winds since they cannot grow well and it makes their moisture dry up fast. A strong wind occasionally is fine, but when it comes steadily, (like, everyday), your roses might not be successful enough to grow well.

4. Don’t plant to Areas where they have many competitors – Weeds, grasses, trees, shrubs—name it! Roses will definitely love it when you give them a private area where they exclusively grow. Other plants, when they are so close to each other, may compete for nutrients, water, and space and prevent rose plants to fully grow and flourish.

Now, you get the idea on where to plant roses? Get the best location for your rose planting and make sure to remember these principles.

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