Caring For Knockout Roses

Rose plant growers are definitely familiar with Knockout roses. Developed by William Radler, a botanist and a rosarian, Knockout roses were found to be among the most famous and fastest-selling variety of rose plants. But do you know that caring for Knockout roses is not as tedious as that of growing and maintaining other rose varieties?

 Knockout roses were introduced in the market way back in the year 2000. These are crossbreed types of rose plants that possess characteristics most gardeners are looking for. The first Knockout roses that became available in the market came in red and pink variants. These have foliage in deep green color. What separates them from other varieties of rose is that they are disease-resistant. Their foliage does not easily get damaged and can almost resist the development of black spots. They grow in small clusters of shrubs and can usually reach a maximum height of up to 36 inches.

Caring for Knockout roses is very simple and easy. These rose plants are tough enough to survive in almost any weather condition. That means you can have your very own Knockout roses and grow them in your own garden wherever your location is. They are capable of surviving during winter season, in most areas of the country (USDA Zone 5).

Though they may not look as beautiful as they are during spring, Knockout roses can withstand snowfall and continue to produce beautiful blooms once spring season arrives. They also do not need too much sun exposure as other roses require. Even if you expose them to sunlight for less than 6 hours, Knockout roses will continue to grow and give you colorful blooms in no time. And to keep these roses at their best, make sure that they are well-protected during wintertime.

On the other hand, those who live in warmer locations do not need to worry when growing this type of rose in their back yard or lawn. Knockout roses are resistant to heat and can survive in areas with a warmer climate. But of course, keep them with enough and a regular supply of water to prevent these roses from getting dry.

Caring for Knockout roses involves less pruning compared to other varieties of rose plants. Knockout roses grow beautifully even if you will just trim them periodically. There is no need for you to regularly prune them just like how you would with other rose plants. Though these plants do not necessarily require too much application of fertilizers, adding some organic nourishment, such as composts, will make the roses’ soil even more prolific.

While caring for Knockout roses still requires you to observe the above guidelines, it is not as time consuming as growing other varieties of rose. Just like what every rose plant needs, do not forget to give Knockout roses their basic necessities like water, sunlight, organic fertilizers, and protection from too much cold/heat. And to make your garden look even more interesting, Knockout roses are available in the market today in different colors. Whatever variety you choose, follow the above simple ways to care for your Knockout roses and see how their blooms will show in no time

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