Coffee: Organic Rose Fertilizer?

A sip of coffee every morning is a sure way to activate your body and give you energy to start up your day. Although it’s popular as a morning buddy as we wake up, it’s also a great organic fertilizer for roses. You might wonder why coffee can be a great organic fertilizer for rose. Coffee grounds, is rich in Potassium and Nitrogen, the nutrients which are very important for roses to grow and flourish. If you have these basic nutrients, your roses will happily grow and in turn will give you the best flowers you’ve ever dream of.

rose fertilizer

Take these steps in making organic fertilizers with coffee:

  1. Obtain the Coffee Grounds – well, forget the instant coffee we usually buy in groceries. They can taste like coffee but they may contain unnatural substances that can alter its chemical composition. Coffee grounds can be obtained anywhere—coffee shops, or even in your own home. In most coffee shops, grounds are thrown away (the old one), so you can just buy them or get them free. They will be happy to know that you’ll get them to fertilize your rose. Campaign for “Greener environment”, isn’t it?
  2. The Diluting Process –Prepare the solution by filling a 5 gallon bucket with warm water, and then add about ½ pounds of the coffee grounds. Let it sit in the sun for one day, and then if ready, pour it over your rose plant.
  3. Want it Dry? – Dry the grounds by exposing it to the sun or by placing it in an oven (the lowest temperature). Near the site of the roses’ base, dig and mix the grounds, then add water. Make sure to not overdo it since it’s much concentrated and it’s not good for the roses.
  4. Complement your Compost pit with coffee grounds – Coffee grounds are perfect for boosting the nutrient content of your soil! Add them to your compost.

Coffee grounds as organic rose fertilizer is not a popular concept but science is good enough for researching stuff like this. Try it for yourself and see the results!

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