Guide for Rose Hedges: What Rose Types are Best?

Guide for Rose Hedges: What Rose Types are Best?

Rose hedges is a creative way to put boundaries and dividers in your garden. If you have a garden and it looks cluttered, you can organize and make your garden looking neat by using rose hedges. There are several types of roses that you can use as a rose hedge. It is very ideal in areas that are dull, plain, dark or on areas where you want to hide a newly cut tree or a bare area. It will provide good privacy in your own area, and will give your garden an extraordinary beauty.

1. White Iceberg Roses – This type of rose can be trained and there’s no problem pruning it as long as you you know how to do it. This, in combination with pink floribundas will make a great and beautiful hedge in your garden.

2. Pink Simplicity Hedge Rose – is one of my top favorites since it gives your garden an extraordinary look, especially if it’s in combination with white asylum in the sides. Not only does it give you a nice-looking garden, but it will also favor you since this type is disease-resistant, requires less maintenance, and blooms throughout season except during winter.

3. High Hedges – There are several types of roses if you want a hedge that is high enough to be used as your fence. Roses like Rugosa rose, Carefree Wonder Rose, Nevada Rose, Penelope Rose, and William Bufflin rose are perfect for high hedges.

As a final note, try to plant the rose hedges with 2 different colors. This way, they’ll be more attractive, especially if they are 2 contrasting colors like yellow and dark red.

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