How and When to Plant Roses?

How and When to Plant Roses: Nurseries Roses Guide

Nurseries roses are of course the first thing that we will go to if we want to plant a rose from scratch, or if we want to grow another rose breed. Now, let’s take their recommendations when it comes to how and when to plant roses, if we are planting it in rose nursery form, and not from cuttings. Learning this will help us prevent from damages or difficult challenges that will come across in our rose planting and growing phase.


In rose planting, TIMING is everything. Planting without considering the proper timing will be detrimental to your part—you’ll end up wasting time, money and effort. This is especially important for areas where there are four seasons like the US, and other countries.

Now, if you live in an area where the climate is cold, the right time to plant roses will be during the early spring time. Learn this principle that it is always essential to plant your roses when the soil is already not in its frozen state. However, if you are living in a warmer climate, like California, the right timing of planting will be during the time where the weather is not so hot.

Know Where to Plant

There are basically 2 ways for you to plant roses. One is planting in a pot and the other one is planting directly on the ground. Planting on the pot takes a lot of preparation. You have to prepare the soil, the rose seedling or cuttings, and the location where you will be placing the pots. On the other hand, planting your roses directly on the ground requires you to assess the soil condition, and the location (the area should be exposed to the sun), preferably, is not overcrowded.

Planting rose is very easy if you learn from nurseries roses experts. On top of that, also remember rose planting, is best done during spring, since the weather is perfect (lots of water and lots of sun) for it to develop its roots and body. When they already developed their roots, they can already withstand the harsh weather conditions.

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