Indoor Roses: Why not?

Indoor Roses: Why Not?

One of the biggest reasons why people can’t plant roses is because of harsh weather conditions. However, if you’re a genuine rose lover, you’ll plant roses in your home no matter what it takes right? Indoor roses can be the perfect solution for you. Planting indoor roses is actually very easy and you can quickly grow one if you know the techniques on how to do it.

Indoor roses’ maximum height is usually 10 – 12 inches tall, which is why they are also called as “miniature roses”. Unlike the large roses that needs non-frequent deep watering, miniature roses needs watering in a frequent basis, and feeding in occasional basis. This is to ensure that they have steady source of nutrients they need especially during the blooming season.

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There are basic instructions that you need to learn when growing indoor roses. Here are the following:

Give them Sufficient Sunshine – Sunshine is very important in keeping the roses alive. It is very needed for their physical processes since without it they won’t be able to manufacture their food. To do this, remember to place your rose plant in a location on your home where they can receive sunlight like in your window or door area.

Enough Water – Watering your roses frequently is vital for their health especially when hot season comes, however, remember to not overdo it. You can check the soil if the rose plant already have enough water to supply them.

Right Soil – Soil which is good for the rose plant is called “peat soil”. This type of soil allows water to not overstay—it just keeps the water moist, which is enough to keep the rose plant hydrated.

Good amount of Nutrients – Fertilize your roses to make them bloom and flourish. You need to make sure that they get the right type of food, since mini roses nutrient needs may vary from large floribunda roses.

Protect your roses – We can’t control how bugs may come in our home and possibly destroy our roses. The best thing to do is to wash our roses every week to ensure that any existing bugs can be eliminated right away before they populate in the area.

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