List Of Garden Roses You Can Choose (Today !)

List of Garden Roses that You Can Choose From

There are several types of garden roses and you need to know these types so you can better choose the right one based on your desired needs for your home garden. There are hundreds of choices actually but I’m giving you only the best picks that we have on our list. Here it goes!

Nostalgic Rose Types

– Caramel Antike – nothing beats the sweetness of this rose. It features a vanilla color which is lighter at the tips and darker at the center. It is round, and cupped with many petals—this makes it the perfect choice for wedding bouquets and vase work as well.

Augusta Louise – This is probably one of the most fragrant variety on our top picks. A single flower can already freshen up and give a sweet scent to the entire closed room. It has a light pink color and a tinge of yellow at the center. It also has large flowers which are very attractive for vase work too.

– Wanted – is another rose variety that is red in color and opens up to 60%. It has a nice deep red color which makes it ideal for romantic dinners and special events.

Other Modern Varieties

Year after year, new rose varieties are created and they present to be very hardy and resistant to diseases. It also becomes larger and scented—great job for these breakthroughs, right?

Floribunda – it is a modern-day rose which is a crossbreed between polyantha and hybrid tea. In every stem, it produces large blooms that are clustered. It grows upright and it’s resistant to diseases.

Alabaster – A Newer variety under Floribundas from Germany. It is ivory white in color and also scented. It sells well when you are planning to sell one or you are planning to start up a flower shop.

There you go! I may not have listed all the varieties here but you get the idea. These are my top picks. Please do share what you rose varieties you like most!

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