Proper Care for Weeping Rose Tree

Many people asked, “What is a weeping rose tree?” Weeping rose tree is literally not a tree, but actually a kind of ground cover rose placed at the top of a pole, central stalk or cane as high as 4 feet or 6 feet tall. Weeping rose tree is very unique, which is why it can easily get the attention of passersby at your home. If you plan to put up a weeping rose tree, you need to know the things that you must do to properly care for it so it can bloom and give you gorgeous roses you love.

The main goal for caring a weeping rose tree is to prevent your tree from acquiring damage due to winds brought by early spring or coming winter season. Take these steps and you will help your rose tree survive these tough times.

  1. The freezing months are what weeping rose tree hates much. It puts them under stress, with all the freezing and thawing, making them vulnerable to damage. To protect them, cage them or place the rose plant in container and make sure to put great amount of mulch.
  2. Wrap your rose plant using a wire or twine when you place it in a container. Make sure to add mulch to add protection to the rose plant. Cover the wrapped rose with blanket to keep them warm.
  3. When cold season reaches to end, remove the plant cage and the twines holding the branches, then shake off the mulch. Make sure to remove the mulch since fungus and other diseases may develop due to its moisture content.
  4. Place the roses in the container again and expose it to sunlight for 6 hours a day.
  5. Stake the cane of the rose plant. Make sure that stake and cane are as close as possible.

To properly care for your weeping rose tree the whole year round, make sure to fertilize twice a year so it will give you stunning rose flowers for the whole season.

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