Rose Tree Garden Truth: It’s not difficult

Most of the time you will find rose shrubs gracing parks, playgrounds, and home gardens. But have you seen roses planted as if they are trees? Rose tree garden is becoming a trend when it comes to growing rose plants. But this technique still uses rose shrubs which were made to look like what resembles a miniature rose tree. Having your own rose tree garden is really not that complicated, as long as you are equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and of course, a little creativity.

To give you an idea on what a rose tree looks like, imagine a slender trunk with a bunch of roses on top. Some have blooms in one color while others have blooms in different colors. The secret to making a rose tree garden is the technique commonly called Grafting. This technique involves joining together three different parts of a rose plant. This includes the rootstock, the rose’s trunk, and the top piece which is the crown of rose blooms. The top piece can be of different hybrid of roses if you wish to produce a rose tree garden with different colors.

Grafting is the most essential process when one wants to make his own rose tree garden. And if you are someone who wishes to enjoy a rose tree garden right at your own home, it is best that you understand what grafting is and how it works. This technique is popularly used by horticulturists and agriculturists who want to grow shrubs and ornamental trees. It is also often used if one wants to make a hybrid of ornamental plants in a short period of time. Usually, a hybrid plant from seedlings takes about five to ten years to grow while grafting allows hybrid plants, such as roses, to grow in full bloom after a shorter span of time. A very critical element in grafting involves choosing a sturdy stem that will become the trunk of your rose tree. Make sure that the stem you have chosen is strong enough to support the crown of roses at the top.

Once you have mastered the art of grafting, you may now begin making your rose tree garden. Make sure that you place your rose trees in an area that is directly exposed to sunlight. Do not forget to water them regularly. These miniature trees are still roses that need the same care and attention. Add organic fertilizers to their soil. This will help your rose plants grow healthy and produce colorful blooms. You can also add stakes to support your rose tree’s trunk. Now if you feel that you are not capable of producing plants from grafts, there are nursery stores that offer rose trees in pots. All you have to do is choose those that you like the most and place them right at your own garden.

While it is appreciated that you’ve reached this far reading the article, I was expecting that you’re already up and about preparing to graft your rose tree garden. See how the rose’s beautiful blooms will put a smile on the face of anyone who sees it. Finally, practice your skills now and start creating your own rose tree. Remember that patience and a bit of creativity are the keys to successfully grow your very own rose tree.

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