Roses For Cutting: Which are the Best ones to Cut?

Florists and Expert Rose gardeners agrees to one thing when it comes to roses for cutting. If you are asking which are the best ones to cut, then read on and discover the rose types that will be great for cutting:

There is one distinct characteristic for the roses that are made for cutting—their blooms are quite large. They also do well in vases and can last up to 7 days.

1. Princess Alexandria – If you love pink roses, then this variety will surely fit your taste. It has a color of deep pink and it also carries a very nice scent that will fill your room. It has a tall stem so its easy to cut and has a long life span on the vases (7 days).

2. Paul’s Himalayan Musk – It is the lightest pink in pink rose variety and gives off a great scent. However, this rose type needs a lot of room to grow (not ideal for crowded garden), but it lasts really long in vases.

3. Graham Thomas – This rose smells really good and it has a clear yellow, sunny color. It can withstand frost months so it is good especially if you are in an area where you always experience cool season.

4. Winchester Cathedral – it is a beautiful as well as delicate white rose flower which has been known to bloom throughout the whole season.

5. Big Purple – Loving the color purple? Then we have the best variety for you. It features a deep purplish color which is pretty dramatic and elegant. It comes in single stems and what makes it ideal for vase work is that it has remarkably lesser thorns than any others.

These rose for cutting are just few of the great-looking varieties. There are still many others, and you can browse for all the rose varieties by searching the website.

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