Top 3 Most Fragrant Roses

Roses come in varying colors as well as fragrances! Some have a mild powdery scent, while others have a strong diffusing scent that will fill the place where you plant them. If you really want to have a strong-scented, yet mild to the senses roses, here are a list of the top 3 most fragrant roses for you to choose from.

most fragrant roses
fragrant roses

1. Sun Sprinkles – is an award-winning miniature rose variety that is known for its disease-resisting property and its ability to bloom repeatedly throughout the season. It also carries a spicy, musk scent, and the vibrant color grabs the attention to every passerby.

sun Sprinkles 

2. Memorial Day Rose – This variety is a floribunda and it won an award in the year 2004. According to experts, even a single bloom of Memorial Day Rose is enough to fill the entire room with its scent. In fact, this variety is leading when it comes to fragrances. You can easily tell if the rose is the Memorial Day one since it has a large flower, with light pink color to a hint of lavender. It’s easy to cut the stems of this rose also since its long.

memorial day rose
Memorial Day Rose

3. 4th of July – This rose variety is not only known for above average resistance to diseases like mildew and black spots, it is also known for its citrusy and spicy scent. It is also a repeat-bloomer which is a big bonus for those who choose it as their plant. The blooms also come in clusters of 4 which is a great asset for your home garden.

4th of july flower
4th of july

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