Transplanting Roses Easily

Transplanting roses is usually done to change the location of your rose plants. The change of location can either be due to any of the following reasons: one, is that you find the current location unfit for your rose plants due to inadequate sunlight or poor soil quality. Another reason could be that you have to move to a new home and you will most definitely like to take your precious rose plants with you. But before you get your hands on these flowers, here are some helpful facts that will help you transplant your roses successfully, thereby preventing unwanted damages or worse, death of the plants.

transplanting roses

Before transplanting roses, make sure that you have already checked the new location where you wish to transfer your rose plants. Check the new location’s soil quality and see if it can provide nutrients and proper drainage for your roses. Also check if your new location is well-exposed to sunlight. Transferring and planting your roses to a new location with poor soil and sunlight exposure will only lead to unsuccessful rose transplanting. Your rose plants will experience poor development and may eventually die.

When transplanting roses, make sure that you water your rose plants regularly for a week. This helps soften the ground and makes it easier for you to dig up the roses’ roots. Ample amount of water also provides enough moisture for the roses’ roots prior to transplant. This is especially important if you will have to travel via vehicle when moving to a new location to transplant your roses. Avoid exposing the root ball to prevent moisture loss. You can also use wet burlap. Burlap is a great option if you need to travel your roses to a new location. This cloth is breathable hence it promotes air circulation. At the same time, burlap helps prevent moisture loss and will keep the roots of your roses with ample supply of water. Watering your roses regularly in a week prior to transplant also increases the chance of your plants to survive after being transplanted to a new area.

Transplanting roses will require you to use gloves, shovel, and pruners. Make sure that you wear gloves that are appropriate for gardening. These will provide adequate protection while you are digging your roses. Use the shovel to dig around your rose plants. It is rather imperative that you dig around at least 46 centimeters (18 inches) away from your plant’s base and 38 centimeters (15 inches) deep from the surface. These measurements help ensure that you will be able to dig and pull out the plant’s major roots without accidentally cutting them. Use pruners to cut off any unwanted or damaged roots.

Now that you have pulled out your rose plants from its old location, you can now transfer and plant them to the new location that you have chosen. See to it that the planting holes are already prepared prior to transplanting roses. Place each rose plant in the middle of the hole, making sure that its roots are widely spread. You do not need to plant the roses deep within the ground as they will settle on their own after a few days. Water your newly transplanted roses regularly to keep them growing beautifully.

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