Types of Roses: Brief Overview

Types of Roses: Brief Overview

Choosing the right types of roses when planting one is very important for you to have a successful and happy rose gardening. Oftentimes, beginner rose gardeners get frustrated over the fact that they can’t perfectly grow a rose because they didn’t assessed first if the type of rose they have planted suits them or not. Remember, not all variety have the same needs. They differ, and if you really do love them, make sure to research on their different needs.

The basic types of roses are floribundas, shrubs, ground cover, hybrid tea, heirloom roses, and climbing roses. Although these roses have varying needs, one trait that they all share is that they love sunlight. Depending on what type you need for your garden and landscape, know how tall they grow or how wide they spread so you can estimate the amount of sunlight they receive for your chosen location. The roses should receive about 6 hours of sunlight each day.

Floribundas, among the other types is one of the best roses when it comes to blooms. In a single stem, it produces many medium sizes of flowers which looks really breathtaking. Hybrid Tea roses is a modern type of rose which produce large blooms (usually single in a single stem). This type is great for cuttings and the reason why most florist prefer this especially when creating bouquet of rose flowers.

Ground cover roses are categorized in the same type as shrub since they behave much like a shrub rose. Ground cover roses differs only in its height and its primary use is to let it spread on the ground and it can even be used to create a rise tree by using poles of wood and then placing or training the ground cover rose at the top of it. Shrub roses, on the other hand may grow tall and can even be used as fence or hedges.

Other type of rose is the climbing roses. Although it’s not a vine, the branches or canes grow tall that it can be trained to be placed at the top of the gate or to spread over the wall of your home.

Now, after learning the rose types, you can now select which one will fit your garden.  Remember that it’s not only the type of rose you should be considering but also the color. Make sure the color looks beautiful among other elements in your garden. Happy rose gardening!

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