What are Knockout Roses’ Colors?

What are the Knockout Roses’ Colors?

Many rose gardeners are asking, “is there any other color of knockout roses except from the typical red?” For all of us, having the diverse colors of flowers is really great. We can arrange them in our garden in a unique way which is a big “wow” factor for passersby.

Knockout roses are treasured for their ability to resist diseases and their ability to be hardy when it comes to cold weather (like winter). Here are the different colors of knockout roses for your home garden.


Red is the typical color not only for knockout roses but for all the roses you may see around your neighborhood. It’s typical and the most common. Mostly, the red ones are planted for landscaping purposes. It attracts butterflies as well as hummingbirds which add more vibrancy and color to your home garden.


Next to read is the pink—seems to have the diluted version of red, right? Most pink knockout roses carry the “hot pink” color. Examples of these are Rosa Radyod and Rosa Radcon and they have that tea cup–shaped blooms.


Yellow knockout roses are perfect combination for the red and pink roses—it creates a nice contrast. Bright yellow also attracts insects and other animals like butterflies, bees, and birds. During the night, especially when the moon shines bright, the knockout roses can be the favorite spot for moths and other insects—can be the con for it, but overall, it’s the best color when choosing knockout roses.

Now that you know the different knockout roses colors, you can now start choosing which one will suit your garden best. If you have light pink flowers, choose the red ones, if you have the lavenders, you may choose the bright yellow ones.

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