When to Water Succulents After Repotting?

Succulents are plants that come from the cactus family and are best known for their lovely, spiky leaves. They can be challenging to care for, but with a little preparation and common sense, they can be just as happy indoors as they are outdoors. In this article, we’ll teach you when to water succulents after repotting, so that you can keep them healthy and thriving.

What is succulent repotting?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to when to water succulents after repotting, as each succulent will respond differently depending on its environment and care. However, there are a few general guidelines that can help:

Succulents that are newly repotted should generally be watered once a week for the first month or so while they adjust to their new environment. Watering frequency should gradually decrease over time as the succulent adapts.

Succulents that are in their original pots and have been repotted recently should be watered once a day, every other day, or every three days, depending on how much water they require. It is important to gauge how much water the succulent needs based on its size and color. Over-watering can cause root rot or plant death.

-Succulents that have been in the same pot for an extended period of time (more than six months) may not need to be watered as often, but should still be checked once a week. If there is excessive dryness or shriveling, then watering may be necessary.

What to do when repotting succulents

When repotting succulents, it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure the plants remain healthy:

  • Do not water succulents for two days after repotting. This allows the plant to absorb the new soil and allow any excess water to escape.
  • Water succulents moderately, using only enough water to moisten the soil but not wetting the leaves or roots.
  • If the soil feels dry after watering, wait another day and then check the soil moisture again. If it is still dry, give the plants a light watering.
  • Succulents are able to handle being moved again if they are watered and root-pruned within a few days of being repotted.
Water Succulents After

When to water succulents after repotting

When repotting succulents, water them when the soil feels dry to the touch. Succulents are drought-tolerant plants, but if you water them too often, they may become boggy and unhealthy.


After repotting your succulents, it is important to water them regularly. Follow these tips to determine when you should water your succulent:

If the soil feels dry and cracked, water the succulent.
If there is no moisture visible on the surface of the soil or if the soil feels damp but does not have any wet spots, do not water the succulent.

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