Where to Buy Roses? 3 Places to Go !

Where to Buy Roses: 3 Places to Go

If you are just starting out as a rose gardener, one of the first things that you will ask is…”Where to buy roses”? Of course there are many options where to get it fresh—however, there are 3 basic places that you can go to save time and effort.

1. Local Rose Nursery

I should say going to the local nursery is the best place to go when you are looking for a rose to plant in your garden or backyard. Since it is located in your locality, of course, the choices of roses that they are selling are compatible with the weather that you have in your location. Although they may not have the full list of Rose varieties, you can be assured that their list of roses are especially dedicated for your weather condition.

2. Mail Order

Mail order can be done through online. There are several websites online that sells roses for planting and what’s great about it is that you can choose a very wide list of rose varieties which originated from different parts of the world.

When it comes to shipping, they will usually come in bare form—“bare root roses” as what we call it. They come naked, wrapped in plastics, or they may come in a box with soil holding the root. Those who sell through mail order, depending on your location will usually ship their plants during the dormant season.

The drawback for Mail Order however, is it can be expensive especially if you have ordered from a location that is pretty far from you. There is also a risk that the plants might get damaged.

3. Your Friend’s Garden

Your friend’s garden is full of wonder!—Believe me, if you want to start out without spending money, you can go to your friend’s home and ask for a bare root, or cuttings to plant. Just be sure that you are close enough to ask for it.

Now that you know where to buy roses, it will be easier for you now to find one.

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